At Finefutures we focus on a person centred approach because we understand people with Autism Spectrum Disorder all have different ways of thinking, and no two individuals are the same. We communicate with our clients and get to know a person’s likes, dislikes, daily living skills and their goals. Our support packages are tailored around these needs so that the people we support can live fulfilling lives, engage in activities they enjoy, go on holiday, access the community to support independence and form routines which are bespoke to the individual. As part of ensuring our clients stay healthy, we support the individuals access to the GP, dentist, opticians, and other health appointments when needed.

We work with individuals with multiple diagnoses, communication difficulties and other chronic conditions. Each individual is cared for in a holistic, compassionate and comprehensive manner in order to promote positive change.

The Finefutures Clinical Team use the Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) framework to assist clients by assessing any behaviour that may cause concern and the potential reasons behind this, in order to ensure that a person’s needs are being met. This also helps us to create individual behaviour support plans that identify a person’s likes, dislikes and how best to support and manage any potential behaviours. PBS training is also provided to our staff teams to help them identify a person’s needs and to improve quality of life.

As a company we are also mindful of the sensory needs of our clients. This varies with each person, and can be simple needs (such as enjoying the way something feels with their hands) to complex needs (such as needing deep pressure to feel safe and calm anxiety). The clinical team conducts sensory assessments to identify the types of needs a person requires, and this information will form a core part of their support plans and care package, so that everyone working with the individual is aware of their likes and needs.

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"Your employee was amazing he was so helpful and his way of working with your client was brilliant."

External Venue Manager

"Lovely place to work. Great Staff and clients with teams always striving to make work a good place to be."

Current Employee

"Without the right support my relative would be facing some challenges a lot more frequently."

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