Learning Disabilities

Finefutures supports adults with Learning Disabilities to maintain their health and well being and to live their lives as fully as possible. This includes teaching people the skills to look after themselves, keep themselves healthy, both mentally and physically. We focus on assisting adults with daily activities such as accessing the community, attending college, going on holiday, or going out with friends. As part of ensuring our clients stay healthy, we support the individuals access to the GP, dentist, opticians, and other health appointments when needed. Clients at Finefutures are supported to develop their Health Passport and update them when required.

We pride ourselves in empowering our clients to express their needs and remove barriers so they can live an independent life. We are committed to person centred care through support plans, relapse prevention plans or positive behaviour support plans.

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"Your employee was amazing he was so helpful and his way of working with your client was brilliant."

External Venue Manager

"Following a spontaneous visit, I have high praise for the staff member who was supporting the client, they were singing and baking in the kitchen. The client was happy and engaging well and his mood appears to have lifted."

Social Worker of Client

"I completed one of your clients review in 2018 and he has made so much progress since then. This is because of the provider's proactive and person-centred approach."

Social Worker of Client