Quality & Service

Client involvement and feedback procedure

At Finefutures we acknowledge we have a responsibility to monitor and inspect the availability and quality of our care services in our organisation encouraging ongoing improvements in the quality of services we provide.

We endeavour to ensure suitable communication methods are in place, and this is monitored by our Registered Manager and in preparation for ongoing internal and external audits and inspections.

Team Managers complete a Monthly Service Monitoring Form incorporating the views of the service users, clients, family/advocates and staff.  The Registered Manager will review any areas of concern and suggestions to improve best practice within the organisation. This forms part of the Manager’s on-going supervison to support workers including reviews of company policies and procedures.


We recognise the importance of this area and deal with any accusations or serious complaints immediately according to the company published complaints & safeguarding procedures. If any fraud, misconduct or offense is reported it is dealt by senior management who undergone the necessary training with vast experience of dealing with serious or delicate issues. At Finefutures all staff and service users are encouraged to raise any genuine concerns they may have about the conduct of others in the business, or the way in which the services are delivered.

The worker has no responsibility for investigating the matter: it is the organisation’s responsibility to ensure that a thorough investigation takes place and the relevent worker who makes a protected disclosure has the right not to be dismissed, or subjected to victimisation, because he/she has made the disclosure.

If there are concerns about the service received by an individual service user, staff can complain on behalf of the person by using the Clients Complaints Procedure, through Supervision with their Direct Line Manager, or by alerting a senior manager where this is more appropriate.

Outcome focused Care and Support / Person centred planning

Our clients have an Outcome focused Care and Support Plan (equivalent of a PCP) which goes into great detail regarding what support is needed and the service user’s objectives. These are reviewed on an on-going basis every 3 months (or sooner).

Our Outcome Focused Care and Support Plan promotes moves towards greater independence. The services provided are all designed around our service users and clients needs and are focused around the service usres recovery or progress. Our approach is focussed on a number of stages to enable an individual to undertake a personal journey towards independent living and improved social functioning.

Risk Assessments are always completed with the service user, client and any involved relevant parties. Where there is a concern that a client may not have capacity to make a decision regarding risk, but they wish to take what is seen as an unreasonable risk, we would ensure that due consideration is given on a multi-disciplinary basis.

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