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We have experience in working with Adults who have varying degrees of Learning Disability. They may have a need due to having an Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Downs Syndrome, Fragile X, Prader Willi Syndrome, or through their Vulnerability. As you will know, the list is endless, but no matter what the need, each person will receive a personalised Care Package with staff trained to enable them to have their individual needs met.

Each Client referred to us is assessed regarding what service can be offered on an individual basis. Where there is more than one person being referred at a time each person is assessed individually, and then as a group.

During assessment and transition we look at each person’s needs, wants, history, and what they wish to achieve, speaking to the individual, family, professionals involved and former care providers.

These assessments are carried out by our Resettlement and Projects Manager, and members of our Psychological and Occupational Therapy team. These professionals not only undertake assessment work prior to the service being set up, but also during the transition period, and as part of the support staff during the first weeks of a new service being delivered. 

They then provide a report on each client and upon the dynamics within the shared service. This helps the team and professionals to better understand how the service can be delivered, taking measured risks, and provides ongoing training to enable staff to do this.

The Outcome Focused Care and Support Plan aims to identify realistic goals in relation to accessing treatment, and that the client needs to be involved with, and acknowledge the outcomes that would be most beneficial to their lives.

Their Care and Support Plans are reviewed every three months to reflect the client’s changing needs and wishes.

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